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The Athena Project is a set of tools Trading Signals, market analysis, automated Signal Trading bots, trading community, market insiders, technical analysis(TA), charting and much more to come...

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The Athena Bot offers the best TA Signals 24/7. All Trade Signals are evaluated first by our Team of Experienced Traders. Our Signals Offer Top Revenue

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The Athena Project focuses on delivering the best crypto Trading Signals, advices, market analysis all from inside Telegram. We are making it as simple,fast and as easy as possible for everyone that wants to trade crypto To Join and Get Started.

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Testimonials made by our community

"I've worked out that if you make 1% profit of total portfolio per day, then after 62 days you will have doubled your investment with the bot. For example if you start with 0.5 btc and keep multiplying it by 1.01 (1% gain) it will take 62 days to double up to 1btc. This would be amazing if even half that (0.5% per day) was achieved."
"The best part about it is you can set the bot up to do whatever works best for you. It’s 100% up to you on what you want your profit, stop loss, profit trailing to be. What my settings are may not be the same as yours, but I’m comfortable with the trades that are made. Some people may be more conservative at times and more aggressive at times. That’s what is so great about it."
"Hi my name is Mark Hobbs. I started following Joel late last year after coming across his Cryptocurrency Education Facebook Page. As a beginner trader I was immediately attracted to his style of teaching and accompanying sense of humour. Joel got myself and many other followers excited when he first mentioned he was working on an auto-trading "bot". I was lucky enough to be chosen as a beta-tester. Here I learnt of the developer "Serby" (this guy must be a computer genius). Together, Serby and Joel have created "Athena". Over the last month the bot has made many "buys" and "sells" on my behalf. The bot links to my Binance account where it utilises my custom settings to buy coins from my BTC pot. It then sells back to BTC thus gradually growing my BTC balance. The settings are easy to use and I mostly do it all via my mobile phone. I have been very happy with the results during this bear trend but cannot wait to see how things really pick up when the bulls return."
"PS , thank you in advance I really like what I see here and I feel like it was a good Idea to join this community, you all seem like such a great bunch of people. I look forward to meeting everyone in the group. Maybe after this bull run Joel will throw a big bash and pay everone's way to his hometown for a big get together😁"
"Hi my name's Matt. I have been in the Athena group for 3 months now and I think the group has some fantastic people in it.Not one person has a ego or is arrogant and any question you have is generally quickly answered by somebody.I only started off with a small amount of money $3.5k that I had accumulated and was holding and wanted to use a bot to trade automatically for me as I work anywhere from 8 to 14hrs a day (7 days a week at the moment) and travel up to 4 to 5 hours a day so finding time to trade is almost impossible and the time I get with my wife and kids is precious so I don't want to be staring at my phone all the time.Also with the bot whilst I'm sleeping if my profit targets I have set hit the bot sells automatically. There's great settings incorporated into the bot as well such as profit trailing and dynamic stop loss which are both great features to ensure better trades and bigger %'s gained.I was just hodling my crypto (some I still am) and decided to try out the bot, so far, even through some frustrating times (that's crypto) I am up on my investment and liking the group.Take care of your crypto or better still...Let Athena take care of it for you!"
"Been on the Athena telegram group about a month now, there is some really knowledgeable and experienced people on there that are connected and are great at sharing and making calls ahead of when the movement in coins happens. I find this a real advantage and have doubled my portfolio in the last month with calls made from this group mainly from EOS, Matic, Kmd, vet, enj in the main. The group also shares and cares when the market is about to dump and really does help to maximise growth in portfolios I would not swap this advantage with anything in crypto as I learn in the space. I am 100% confident that with the help of Joel’s and others calls then I am in safe hands. I haven’t yet started the bot But am trying to get myself in a position to then be part of it as I can see clearly the benefits it brings as I see the success it’s having on others Great to be here 👍👍"
"Being a part of the athena project community has improved my trading skills, mindsets, and understanding of cryptocurrency markets ten-fold. These guys are more than just a signals group, they preach responsible money management and trading discipine. Not only are the trading ideas sound, but the fundamental ideas shared are equally as good if not better! I have actually seen over 300% increase in a certain project only 2 months after being mentioned in the Athena group. This community is by far the best I've been a part of and I don't intend on leaving any time soon."

Athena Online Trading Platform

Available for all VIP members.

Lets make it even more simple...

In our efforts to provide our community with the best set of tools and simplicity in managing trades, settings, signals we expanded our automated trading system to an Online platform that will make it simple, easy, and fast for anyone to get started.

  • Fast and secure Trade Management Platform (TMP)
  • Complete integration and direct connection between our platform, the exchanges APIs and the Telegram bots
  • Set your own set of rules for signals in a few clicks and watch your trades perform in Real Time
  • Comprehensive charts, coin technical analysis, market analysis and more...
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